What to wear to A Wedding

What to wear to a wedding? Easy! I find if you can use these guidelines, you’re sure to be a winning guest at the party!

I recently attended a fabulous wedding. My first friend in the entire world got hitched. So my sweetie and I hopped on a plane to Chicago. This particular wedding was formal, but not black tie formal. The ceremony was at 5pm, and then we had the rest of the evening to boogie down…….A formal wedding (not black tie) gives a girl more options. Soo here is what went through my head when I asked myself, “What do I wear to a wedding?”.

Rule 1….never outshine the bride. I would suggest that people not wear anything too bright or even worse, white. I think it’s best to stay with conservative colors. Floral prints are ok, just as long as they are not over powering the lady of the evening. This is not your night to shine, it is hers. It’s my opinion that you don’t wear white anywhere in your outfit at all, you don’t want to be that girl. I’m not saying you have yo be boring with your outfit, not at all. You just need to make sure that your dress isn’t brighter than the Bride. I find jazzing up the outfit can be fun with shoes or accessories. Just adding a little pop of color is perfect.

Wear comfortable shoes
There is nothing worse than dancing the night away and then you wake up the next morning and your feet are numb. lol. Weddings are for dancing and conversing and having fun together. You wouldn’t want to be needing to sit down and miss out on all the action just because your feet hurt, or your shoes are too tight, too high, or too pointy. Wear something you know you can wear for hours.

Hair and Make-up
This is a personal choice. Obviously you want to feel beautiful when you’re getting ready for a wedding and going out. However, I would suggest that you stay with your normal routine. This is not the time to experiment with an up-do. And make-up,(obviously depending on the wedding), I wouldn’t veer too far out of what you do on a normal evening. Again, you are the guest and the woman that needs to shine is the Bride. Keeping that in mind overall, I think is a really safe bet.

Be on time
The couple made a point to invite you to see them join in marriage. You obviously mean something to them. Have enough respect for them and yourself that you show up on time. Early in fact. Everyone at that wedding means something to someone standing up there. Arrive early, schmooze with people and get to know your fellow wedding guests. It will make for a much more enjoyable evening as well. If you are chronically late; leave extra extra extra early. You’re in for a full day so you might as well get there and settle in.

Those are pretty much the basics. It’s not that hard just some basics to go by. The outfit I am wearing in the photos (and wore to the wedding) is a Vera Wang silk blue dress with an oversized boucle wool hem. My shoes are Christian Dior, light pink, with a white to clear ombre heel, very simple and subdued. I wore my Louis Vuitton shoulder bag that added just a touch of brightness to accent the outfit. Since the dress was navy, and the shoes light pink, the purse was a perfect match with those two colors for summer!
What do you wear to a wedding? Comment on the post! I would love to hear!

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