What to Wear for Valentine’s Day

What to wear for Valentine’s Day?

Are you finding yourself stuck on what to wear for Valentine’s Day? Don’t want to spend extra cash? I’ve got you covered.  This Valentine’s Day, it’s not necessary to spend excess amounts of cash to look amazing.

Here’s how:

When choosing an outfit, I would suggest to pick out something that is classic black and white.  Something such as black skinny jeans and a white silk blouse, or a black dress, or even a white dress with a black jacket.  Some sort of black and white combo will always look flattering on any figure, and is something we all have in our closets.

Now this is the festive part.  Look in your closet, do you have anything pink or red? I bet you do! If you have red shoes, wear them.  That will be the perfect pop of color against your black and white outfit.  Even if you have a scarf, purse, coat, sweater, etc…..Add an item of color to your outfit so you have that bright pop of Valentine’s Day color in your ensemble.

And even if you don’t have any red or pink garments, I’m pretty positive every single person owns red lipstick or red nail polish. There is your pop of color! Put on those red lips and get out there and kiss someone.  After all, Valentine’s Day is a day to share the love.

Here are a couple outfits I put together.  You can see how I used the black and white outfit, added pink or red to the ensemble for a perfect Valentine’s Day look.  I didn’t even have to spend any money.  All of these items were already in my closet 🙂

With this look I used a black coat with black jeans, a deep burgundy bag (red color family), and bright red shoes.

This look I used a white blouse, black jeans, dark colored heels, and a deep burgundy bag.

Let but not least, I layered a white blouse with a black and white striped, cropped sweater. The pink accents on the sleeves were just perfect.  Again, black jeans, dark heels and a deep burgundy bag.

You can shop these looks below or on my shop page 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are filled with love today!