Vionic Style Squad Spring Secrets

Vionic Style Squad Spring 2018

This year I was invited to be one of Vionic’s Style Squad members. Vionic is partnering with fashion bloggers, Elle Magazine, and  InStyle Magazine.  They have created a site where we are sharing our Spring style secrets for seamlessly transitioning your closet and wardrobe into the new season.

My secret style secrets for spring this year are wearing monochromatic outfits.
Sometimes in early spring, I find that the weather is not quite warm or sunny enough to break out the super bright summer colors. And I also find that sometimes my “holiday wardrobe” is under utilized throughout the year. So to get the most out of my closet through the spring, I tend to wear monochromatic outfits. What I find is that red is not only fitting for February, the month of Love, but I find that it’s quite a cheery color to wear during the final dreary months of the year. Monochromatic doesn’t have to be the exact same color all over. For example:  You can wear an all red outfit, and each piece can be a different shade of red.  You’ll be surprised at how stylish your outfit will turn out.
I’ve styled an outfit here with different shades of red to give you an example of how easy this can be!

And the best news I’ve discovered all year is that style no longer has to hurt!  You don’t have to forsake style for comfort with Vionic shoes’ secret comfort technology.  I worked with this company during the holidays along with Oprah’s Favorite Things.  And I was 100% in when they offered to partner again with me.  Their shoes are so comfortable and I am so thankful that someone finally came up with a line of stylish shoes that I can walk in.  


On camera the colors in my outfit look very similar, but in real life the top is more or a red shade and the skirt is more of an orange shade, but all in the red color family.  And obviously the adorable red sneakers.  An easy outfit for transitioning into Spring while getting the most of your winter wardrobe!

Top: Christian Dior

Skirt: Vintage Celine

Shoes: Vionic- Hatti in Red

Purse: Louis Vuitton

Vionic’s Style Squad for Spring of 2018

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