Tovier Wallets

Have you ever used a small wallet?

Tovier Wallets contacted me to see if I wanted to collaborate with them on their wallets. I was so intrigued by this concept, so I accepted.  I am a girl, and I use a purse, everyday.  And when I go for long walks or jogging, I always carry my essentials with me.  I usually take them out of my purse and put them into a zip pocket.  Then I found this gem! I cannot tell you how useful these babies are.  So great to be able to put my essentials into a small wallet and just go.  I don’t have to worry about it falling out of my pocket at any point.  Since it’s all bundled together, it’s not going to go flying out of my pocket without me noticing! And not to mention this is awesome to put into a small clutch for a night out.  I just love it. Super versatile and awesome colors! Tovier Wallets is a Canadian Company, making an assortment small leather goods for men and women.  Here is a little more information about their company. Check them out! You will love their products!



And you can get the gems in my post here