Punta Mita, Mexico January 2015

I recently went to Punta Mita, Mexcio with my love! And what an exciting trip it was! He woke up one morning, turned to me and said “I think we need a vacation together”.   And so two days later we were on a plane to Punta Mita Mexico!

It was a 3 hr flight and an hour car ride from Puerta Vallarta Airport.  Then we arrived at the Four Seasons.  At the hotel as we get out of the car we are greeted by the welcome committee with jicimica cucumber margaritas. YUM! Just what we needed after traveling.  The staff is incredibly friendly and I can’t help but smile at everyone that walks by.  Stunning ocean views as we walk into the lobby accompanied by a warm sunset breeze.  The air is thick, but the breeze is heavy so all you feel is peace.

We arrive at our room and it is breathtaking.  We are in a beachfront room about 100 yards to the chairs we adopted throughout our stay.  We have large plantation shutters that drown out the sound of the ocean in the evening and the sun so we can sleep in. Lord knows we need some rest at this point.  We usually would prefer to have the sliding glass windows open, however the staff recommended that we keep them shut due to the amount of wildlife that is active on the property.  Yea, nobody told me there were gonna be 10 feet iguanas sharing the patio with us.

That evening we dined on the property and drank the local tequila.  Walked back to our room and drifted off into a restful slumber with my love; beginning one of the most romantic memorable trips of my life.