NYFW New York Fashion Week Part 1

NYFW New York Fashion Week Part 1

NYFW is officially over. The next few post will be about my experiences at the shows.  I hope you’re following my Instagram! There are a ton of Insta stories of my journey through fashion week this year.

Dan Liu

The first show I attended was Dan Liu for his Fall/Winter 2017 collection.  He chose a whimsical direction with a fairytale theme, titled “The Fairy Tale of Autumn.” As Liu expands his ready to wear collections, he sticks to his roots, drawing influence from his Chinese-Japanese heritage. In past seasons, Liu has gravitated towards lace, florals and bright prints. Though this  F/W 2017 Collection, he continued to show bright colors,  which was a refreshing take on winter-wear.  However, I found that most of his designs had solid colors and not many prints throughout the collection.  A very simple collection, which is probably fitting for “winter”, most of the planet is in hibernation mode.  And as the girls cascaded down the runway for the big finale, none other than the designer himself became the star of the show by singing the finale song.

To see the show in it’s entirety.

Here are a few shots I caught while sitting in the audience.

Haka Akkaya

This was my second show.  Much more what I expected out of  NYFW.  Loud, music, with heavy beats, pin thin models and the color black is all over.

Check out the show here

And here are a few looks I picked up at the show 🙂

Also, the entire fashion week location was set up with different vendors from Tresseme, Papyrus, E News, etc. It was a lot of fun to see everyone mingling between the shows. Papyrus was handing out free cards, and they would send them anywhere in the world for us. Perfect timing, near Valentine’s Day.  So I sent a card to my sister.  Lots of fun, really great product placement and branding.  I had fun.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of NYFW. xo