Mindy’s Hot Chocolate Restaurant and Bar

Who loves hot chocolate? I certainly do, always have and always will. I have fond memories of drinking Swiss Miss, haha yes, Swiss Miss. That was childs play. As an adult my palate has become a little more sophisticated. When I was recently in Chicago my best friend suggested we meet at Mindy’s Hot Chocolate Restaurant and Bar. I was obviously intrigued. An entire restaurant surrounded my my childhood memories of hot chocolate? This was a very delicious suggestion to say the least.

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate Restaurant and Dessert Bar has an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxed with great service and an evolving array of high-quality, seasonal and locally-sourced food, drink and pastry. Through their network of artisan farmers, they are able to connect the producer to the consumer and provide a uniquely enjoyable dining adventure.

I glanced through the dinner menu. Based on what they were serving, it seemed like they have a very cohesive, well-rounded restaurant. However, even though I did not partake in a meal that visit, I did enjoy my beverage. I obviously ordered a hot chocolate. They have an array of different types of hot chocolates. They all look divine. I ordered the half & half. This consists of half espresso and half dark chocolate. It was DELICIOUS! The quality of the dark chocolate was a perfect compliment to the espresso they used. And to top it off, their marshmallows are made in house. I of course ordered extra. It was a rich drink, but worth it. The depth of flavor was really very impressive. I didn’t expect that from a cup of hot chocolate. The restaurant was very busy and the atmosphere was extremely welcoming on a cold winters evening. I think that Mindy’s Hot Chocolate Restaurant and Bar is a very unique dining destination and I look forward to my next visit. To find out more information about Mindy’s Click Here for their Website.


They are located at:
1747 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
b/t Willow St & St Paul Ave
West Town, Wicker Park

P.S. You can buy their Hot Chocolate Blends and Marshmallows to take home and enjoy! YUM!