Identifying Your Body Shape

Identifying your body shape is a very important part of fashion. Most people don’t realize it, and don’t understand how to figure it out. It is important because if we as women know how to dress our figure, we ultimately feel better, exuding more confidence. When you look good, you feel good. And you will be surprised about how other people will react towards you as well.

For example: Do you ever wonder why a dress you love looks better on your best friend than it does on you? Or have you ever purchased a skirt from the internet that looked so cute on the model, and when you receive it in the mail, it’s not all that you hoped it would be on you? That is because the your favorite dress that looks fabulous on your best friend looks more flattering on her body shape. The skirt on the internet looks amazing because it was made for a slim rectangular body shape, and your body most likely isn’t built that way and the model was. I know how dismal shopping can be. I know how disappointing it can be. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way, at all. This is not hopeless. I promise.

I have struggled for years with a curvy figure. I grew up in an environment where it seemed like all my pupils had these rail thin and straight figures. They looked perfect in everything. And I struggled because the clothing that looked good on me was for “mature” people, or I needed to be in a full on ball gown to look exceptional. But then I learn about how to actually dress my figure. It changed the way I see clothes when I go shopping. Not only do I only purchase things I love on me, I love all of the clothes in my closet and I’m getting the most out of it. You can too.

So below are some general pointers that describe certain aspects to each of the particular body shapes. Read them, and hopefully you can identify your body type. I know every “body” is different, but this can be a guide for parts of your body you are unsure how to dress. Once you know your body type I can teach you how to dress that particular body shape. You will look an feel your best. This is a game changer.

Pear Shape Figure
– Wider hips and thighs
– Narrower shoulders
– Wider bottom
– Smaller bust

Rectangular Shape Body Traits (Some people all it Banana shape, either one is fine)
– Undefined waist
– Narrower hips
– Small bust
– Bust, waist, and hip area generally have the same measurement


Hourglass Figure Traits
⁃ Bust and hips nearly the same size.
⁃ Well defined waist – 9″ or more smaller than bust.
⁃ Full Bust.
⁃ Shapely Legs.


Apple Shape Figure
– Larger bust
– Broader shoulders
– Narrower hips
– Less defined waist


Stay tuned. I will be writing articles on how to dress each particular body shape, along with tips on how to shop for them.