Hiking with Smokey

I am a total animal lover.  Especially dogs.  Smokey is my now 6 year old German Shepherd rescue.  I am big on rescue animals.  I do not believe in breeding dogs. One day I was par-oozing the Westside German Shepherd Rescue adoption site. I saw Smokey’s photo and went to visit him that same afternoon.  We went for a short walk. Before I knew it, I was signing the adoption papers and we were driving home!  

In the car I had two hands on the steering wheel. Smokey had put both of his paws on the center council, and laid his head on my right shoulder and started licking my check as to say “thank you”.  We have been forever bonded since that moment and he is currently a healthy 120lbs 🙂

Here you will read about our adventures together.  A girl and her dog. We go hiking and walking a lot.  We see a lot of beautiful things, and I just love to share the joy that is brought to my everyday life.

Here is a fun video of us on our walk today.