Grandpas Ribs

Growing up I have very fond memories of visiting my grandparents.  My grandmother was always the hostess with the mosses and my grandfather was the cook.  And man could he cook.  I remember he would wake up every morning around 5am, and be showered and ready to go to the market by 7am.
He would go and visit the various sections of the super market seeing what was fresh for the day, purchase it and start cooking for lunch time.
One of my favorite dishes were his ribs.  The meat would fall off the bones and the sauce was “finger lickin’ good”.
I have actually revamped this recipe a little to be a time saving recipe. I use a pressure cooker. But I promise it is absolutely  just as delicious as my Grandfather’s.  It’s a crowd pleaser every time in my house hold 🙂
Feeds 4 hungry people
2 racks of baby back ribs
natural/organic apple juice
2 white onions
black peppercorn
tabasco sauce
salt and pepper to taste
your favorite bbq sauce
orange marmalade
*NOTE- Please read how to properly use your pressure cooker before making this recipe*
I start by cutting the two racks of ribs into 4 sections
rough cut two white onions and lay at bottom of pressure cooker
Place the ribs into the pressure cooker, and if you can arrange them so they are vertical
pour about 2 cups of apple juice into pressure cooker
pour about 1 cup water into pressure cooker
add about 1 tablespoon of black peppercorns
a couple dashes of tabasco, this adds a little heat, you can’t taste it, just adds another layer of flavor.
tablespoon of salt
*Please check with your pressure cooker on how long to cook pork.*
 Mine takes about 40 minutes.
Seal the lid and let the cooking process begin!
Preheat your over to broil on medium.
 In the meanwhile, let’s make the SAUCE!
I use my favorite store bought bbq sauce.  Im not typically a fan of using pre made sauces etc., however I found that bbq sauce can be a little complex and time consuming and I absolutely love the way this turns out every time.
One bottle of your favorite bbq sauce, I’d say about 20 ounces.
One half jar of your favorite marmalade (roughly 7 ounces)
One package of washed fresh blackberries.
In a pot, pour in bbq sauce and orange marmalade.  On medium-low heat let the marmalade loosen up and mix with the bbq sauce, stir together. Once the sauce is nicely combined throw in the blackberries.  You can use a fork to macerate them if you like and mix with the rest of the sauce.  Taste and if you feel you need to add anymore marmalade, bbq sauce, or blackberries, now would be the time.  Its really to personal taste, but I found these measurements to be a good rule of thumb for fool proofing the sauce.
Once the ribs are finished in the pressure cooker, and all the steam has been released, with tongs carefully place the ribs onto cookie sheets.
With a spoon or sauce brush, generously cover both front and back of the ribs with the sauce you just created.
Then place into the oven for no more than 5 minutes(depending on the strength of your oven, don’t burn them, just caramelize the sauce on top).
 This last step I find that I really like because  it adds a nice sticky texture to the ribs.
Once they are done in the oven I like to top them off with a little extra sauce right before serving.
And volia! You have some of the best ribs you’ve ever had in your life.
I promise 🙂