Fringe is Forever

Fringe will always be in fashion.

Have you ever watched a movie that took place in the 60’s or 70’s? Everyone always looks so effortlessly cool?

What is it that makes us swoon when we see them? I have finally figured it out.  It is all the fringe they wear! Fringe on anything automatically gives movement to any outfit you are wearing.  Plus it gives you the automatic “cool factor” that is associated with that era.  Weather it be a bag, shoes or a jacket, fringe will always, always, always be in style.

I have always been a fan of fringe clothing, especially accessories. I love all fringe bags and shoes.  I feel like it just adds a little bit of flair to any outfit without being over powering.

Style Tip:

You can always wear fringe.  It won’t make you look outdated.  However, my suggestion is to always wear a touch of fringe.  Only one article of clothing should have fringe on it.  Not head to toe fringe.  Subtle fringe accents will always be an excellent rule of thumb.  That way, you have some interesting movement to your look, and your outfit is a little bit different than everyone else.

I particularly love fringe bags. I’ve picked out a bunch of really fun fringe clutches, cross body bags, and backpacks you can shop below, or you can check them out here !


The clutch I’m carrying is from Stella and Dot and can be found here.

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