Chicago Labor Day weekend 2014

We had such a great time in the Windy City, we even considered moving there! The weather was divine! And Chicago really lived up to its nick name.  The wind was so strong and so pleasant during our entire stay!  We literally walked all over the entire city.  I used my fitbit to track our milage and we were walking roughly 10 miles per day in downtown!  I love to walk so much.  That is one of the things I miss living in the beautiful location that we currently do in the Hollywood Hills. Walking is more of an event and not so much as a daily necessity to get from one place to another.   As Chicago is my hometown, it will always have a soft spot in my heart.  And I know Bijan Loved it equally as much!


“Who knows, maybe we will be Windy City residents.”


2014-08-30 16.11.07

View from our hotel.  We stayed at the Lake Michigan Hyatt Hotel.  My first time staying there, but not my first time dining there. It was a very comfortable and convenient hotel.  The food (as always) was delicious.







2014-08-30 17.12.15




A much deserved pit stop during our “walk-a-thon”.  Here we are at the Drake’s 80 year old Coq d’or restaurant, having the worlds best Bloody Mary’s. And goofing around because thats what we love to do the most.  A brief history on the magnificent bar.  PS., the food is excellent.

The historical Coq d’Or is a classic Chicago haunt with a modern twist.  The legendary bar opened to a line of thirsty patrons, after the repeal of Prohibition, on December 6, 1933. The reinvented menu, with a new take on traditional drinks and dishes of the decades, takes you on an eighty year journey through the history of The Drake Hotel.

2014-08-30 17.58.12

Continuing on out journey th2014-08-30 18.08.00rough the windy city we of course took in the sites along the lake front.  Lake Michigan that is.  Got some great shots of the city.  We literally were both in love with the idea of moving to Chicago.  And i was thoroughly convinced that I wanted to come home at this point.  It was one of those picture perfect weekends in Chicago where it’s just hot enough then when the breeze hits you, its just magic.