How to go from Boss Babe to Dinner with Bae on a Time Crunch

How to go from work to Valentine’s Day dinner in a snap

We have all been there.  At work, and running late for an after work event. There is nothing that gets under my skin quite like being late.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am sharing my time saving tips on how to get from work to dinner without having to go back home.

If you are a Boss Babe and have a date with your bae this Valentine’s day, there is most probably a concern about getting from work to dinner on time, and dressed up.  I am here to share with you some style tips on how to get dressed up from day to night without leaving your car or the office.

Style tip 1) pick out a “base outfit” that you think is slightly dressy.  For example, maybe a work appropriate dress and tights, or a blouse and black slacks.  And then pair it with your usual flat office shoes, and sweater so you are warm and comfortable throughout your work day.

Style Tip 2) In a bag, pack a pair of the sexiest heels you own, your favorite accessories, an evening clutch, perfume and be sure to pack make up products that you use for night time glam.

After your successful day at the office, use the restroom or your car to apply or re-touch your make up, apply perfume, switch out your bags, and throw on those heels.  And TA-DA! You are ready for dinner with your bae.



It is seriously that easy, and that simple.  Logistics these days are super time consuming.  Being able to get to your special dinner on time is worth the extra effort beforehand.  These tips can be used for any sort of time crunch you may be experiencing in your life.  Super easy to do a little planning ahead, that will give you more time with your loved ones. You can shop these looks on my shop page or in the widget below!

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